Survey Shows Comm Tech Consultants Moving to Larger Clients

Our second question in our rebooted CLP Central Communication Technology Consultants Market Research Survey is “How has your end user client mix changed over time?” We asked for responses from five years ago, and today.


The trend is that consultants are moving back upstream to large business clients. This seems to align with the results we saw in our last question about how industry consultants are classifying themselves from telecommunications five years ago, i.e., premise-based phone systems, to broader, more strategic communications technology consulting classifications today. This aligns more with large business needs.

The slight uptick in small business clients reflect the interest, value and adoption of new communications technology solutions and business/expense benefits for this market segment.

The Next Survey Question

Our next survey question asks about changes over the last five years in the vertical markets consultants are serving. Please take this short two-question survey and we’ll keep sending you the results. The more we know about our markets the better we’ll be able to serve them.

Our market research surveys are confidential. Please be assured that our summary of survey findings are reported in aggregate and do not cite the individual or company names of respondents. Any responses you provide will be used only in combination with those of other survey responses. If you have any questions about this survey, you may contact me at

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