Re-envisioning the CLP: The Consultant Learning Portal; or CLP 2.0

CLP Central is excited to announce the launch of our re-envisioning of the CLP: the Consultant Learning Portal, or CLP 2.0. Our new vendor CLPs transition content to conversation, providing easy access to relevant content by market segment and solution category, along with direct links to the appropriate vendor subject matter experts for interaction, discussion and learning. Participating consultants can join these conversations to offer insights, experiences and ask additional questions.

Survey Shows Comm Tech Consultants Moving to Larger Clients

The trend is that consultants are moving back upstream to large business clients. This seems to align with the results we saw in our last question about how industry consultants are classifying themselves from telecommunications five years ago, i.e., premise-based phone systems, to broader, more strategic communications technology consulting classifications today. This aligns more with large business needs.

Consultant Liaison Programs (CLP) Provide Vendor Support for Communications Technology Professionals

A Consultant Liaison Program (CLP) is a dedicated vendor-sponsored marketing or channel support program targeted at independent communications technology consultants. Businesses of all sizes and types hire these consultants to help them strategize, understand, assess, plan, integrate and manage their communications networks. End-users look to their consultants for advice and recommendations on the network technologies, systems and services that best meet their business communications needs.

The Consultant Liaison Program (CLP) Opportunity: Why Equipment Vendors, Service Providers and System Integrators Should Have a CLP

The independent Communications & Information Technology (CIT) consultant is a well-established, evolving and highly influential professional community within the industry’s channel-to-market structure. Today, the CIT consultant can best be defined as: “An independent, communications and information technology management, business process and/or network engineering consulting firm specializing in voice/data communications, information technology, infrastructure, and/or converged networks that […]