Communications Technology Consultants Directly Influence More Than 25% of Industry Sales

Shouldn’t you have a program in place to support them?

More than 80% of consultants’ network solution recommendations to their clients, your prospective customers, are accepted and implemented. It is therefore imperative for consultants to stay current on the communications networks technologies, systems, and solutions available to their clients. Vendor-sponsored Consultant Liaison Programs (CLP) are one of the best sources of information and support dedicated to consultants.

At CLP Central we help communications technology vendors and network service providers find, support and communicate with the consultants who are helping to drive their business. We offer vendors a suite of turnkey services and technologies to enable them to easily launch, manage and track their own CLPs. We do as much of the CLP support legwork as needed and help you engage the consultants most active and influential in your served markets.

CLP Central can help a vendor provide their consultants with:

  • Resources such as solution and technology documents, market reports, RFP templates, configuration tools, reference accounts, partner recommendations and more.
  • Updates on vendor solutions and market changes
  • Online multi-topic conversational forums to learn from and share insights with the vendor and other consultants
  • Consultants can request a private briefing to get access to the vendor’s C-level team, technical experts and field/channel management
  • Consultants can be rewarded for reporting their assessments with additional savings they can pass on to their clients
  • And we’re developing a Find a Consultant service to help bring consultants new leads

Plus, CLP Central provides vendors with tools to grow, manage and nurture their consultant base:

    • Dashboards of consultant CLP interactions
    • Strategies to grow the base of vendor consultants
    • Technology consultant market research surveys
    • Monitoring of business driven by consultants
  • Helping transition vendor consultant support staff without disrupting CLP services

CLP Central can help you increase your share of consultant influence, increasing both market awareness and qualified new sales opportunities.


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