Join CLP Central’s Integrated Portal of Communications Technology Vendor Consultant Liaison Programs (CLP)

At CLP Central we help independent communications technology consultants selectively access the CLPs of their choice, from multiple network equipment vendors and service providers, all in one integrated CLP single-password portal. You can manage your CLP memberships, and easily access vendor information and resources you need through your custom CLP Central homepage.

CLP Learning Portal Screen ShotMore than 75% of consultants’ network solution recommendations to their clients are accepted and implemented. It is therefore imperative for consultants to stay current on the communications networks technologies, systems, and solutions available to their clients. Vendor-sponsored CLPs are one of the better sources of information and support dedicated to consultants.

Your CLPs provide what you need throughout your vendor solution assessment, selection and deployment processes, including:

  • Get the support you need: Each  CLP quickly points consultants at the right resources such as solution and technology documents, market reports, RFP templates, configuration tools, reference accounts, partner recommendations and more.
  • Stay current: You will receive concise monthly updates from each of your CLPs on vendor solutions, markets, thought leadership and newsworthy events relevant to what you need to know to bring more insight and options to your clients.
  • Learn more about what’s new: Custom  Consultant Learning Portals help consultants learn about new technologies and solutions they can bring to their clients; thereby positioning themselves as being on top of current trends, up and coming vendors, and new, better alternatives to the status quo.  
  • Gain insights from your colleagues: Participate in conversational forums to learn from, and share insights with, your colleagues and with vendor SMEs.
  • Ensure the best pricing for your clients: Participate in Report Your Assessments to get individualized RFP support with the best possible pricing and referrals to the most qualified channel partners
  • Talk to senior people: Request a Private Briefing to get direct access to the vendor’s C-level team, technical experts and field/channel management, for feedback, client support, problem-solving and escalation.
  • Get in front of potential new clients: By joining CLP Central, at no cost, you are automatically included in our new Find a Consultant service where end-users come to find qualified consultants.

Let CLP Central help you expand your vendor CLP network and support resources – All through one portal with one password

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