Business Communications Transformation: Best-in-Class Communications Can Be a Competitive Advantage

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Enterprises are using digital technologies to transform their businesses, identify new sources of revenue, improve customer experience, and implement new sources of competitive differentiation. IDC-defined 3rd Platform technologies, centered on cloud, mobile, social, and big data and analytics, are fundamentally changing the way business is accomplished. It’s essential for businesses to implement these technologies thoughtfully and to integrate them into existing enterprise infrastructure and applications. The combination of unified and contextual cloud communications is a critical digital transformation (DX) enabler. When deployed effectively, these cloud-based solutions can provide new options for customer-facing and internal communications to improve revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and employee productivity. Nonetheless, many companies and decision makers still don’t understand how communications can help drive business.

IDC recently conducted a study among communications technology decision makers and recommenders from more than 800 firms with at least 250 employees across various industries. The study enabled a broad measurement of firms’ communications technology use. By correlating responses to actual performance on key customer service and business metrics, IDC determined the communications technology behaviors that correspond to business success. IDC grouped respondents into four categories of business communications maturity and measured the overall behavior of groups to discover differences between leaders and laggards in communications performance. The outcome of this effort is IDC’s Communications Advantage Index.