CLP Central Survey: Consulting Market Growth Driven by Clients’ Current Needs, Not Necessarily by Next Gen Technology Trends

The results are in! Our latest survey question focused on technology trends impacting market growth over the next two years. From among 20 technology trends, the chart below shows the top 12 that consultants indicate are driving their current business, i.e., client needs.

The top five – cloud computing, mobility, unified communications, everywhere connectivity and call center communications – are not new and suggest that consultants’ end-user clients continue to focus on their migration to digital platforms. This migration also indicates a growing use and mix of infrastructure platforms and service providers, thereby increasing the need for consultants to help with the assessment, deployment and integration of multiple systems.

While consultants are aware of and may be introducing clients to emerging and next generation technologies, they are hired to help with the here and now, and how best to integrate viable technologies and applications into their clients’ current environment – cost effectively and with minimal disruption.

The Next Survey Question

Our next survey question asks about the expertise Communications Technology Consultants bring to their end-user clients. Please click HERE to take this easy-to-answer one-question survey and we will publish the results next month. The more we know about our markets the better we’ll be able to serve them.