Vonage and Pulsara Partner to Enable Mobile Telehealth Capabilities

Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader, today announced it has partnered with Pulsara, a healthcare mobile communications platform. Leveraging the OpenTok Live Video API, via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Pulsara connects clinicians across healthcare entities in real-time, enabling video chat telehealth capabilities between emergency responders and the critical care teams in the hospital. Nexmo APIs provide real-time video communications that allow organizations to deliver secure and HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities using encrypted media streams and recordings, advanced security, and detailed analytics to elevate the patient care experience.

In healthcare situations, where every second counts, medics can now connect with a clinician at a hospital or transferring facility in real-time with Pulsara’s video chat-enabled mobile communications platform which leverages the Nexmo’s OpenTok Live Video API. Video collaboration provides the receiving hospital with crucial and time-sensitive information that better prepares their teams to provide the best and most expedient treatment possible. The video feature also streamlines medical consults and permits remote physicians to view critical conditions of their patients.

Vonage’s Enterprise Plan for Healthcare is designed with Nexmo APIs that align to strict healthcare guidelines, providing healthcare businesses with consultative and development support, along with service delivery and service level agreements (SLAs), to create custom solutions that deliver a secure, compliant and flexible patient care experience.