Sonus Advantage Accelerates and Simplifies Enterprise Unified Communications Migration

Sonus introduced a bundled solution, Sonus Advantage, that will help enterprises deploy unified communications (UC) more quickly, easily and securely in their networks. As enterprises transition to IP-based UC, they encounter new requirements for security, call routing, interworking and network management. Existing network solutions such as next-generation firewalls do not provide the robust security or session control capabilities that UC demands. Sonus Advantage provides a UC-centric platform that allows enterprises to quickly, safely and efficiently transition to real-time IP communications without exposing their network to security or quality issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sonus Advantage is built around the needs of enterprise security, intelligent session control and media interworking.
  • Sonus Advantage combines Sonus’ SBC, PSX and EMS into a value-priced, best-of-breed solution for enterprises.
  • Sonus Advantage will allow enterprises to leverage existing assets while migrating to IP-based UC in their networks.