Reviewing the Recent Cisco Spark Event

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Cisco hosted recent events in San Francisco and regional centers to announce Cisco Spark 2.0 and Cisco Spark Board. Several UCStrategies Experts were in attendance and had the opportunity to see it in action, and shared their experiences.

Cisco and Microsoft – Two Approaches to Room-Based Collaboration, by UCStrategies’ Jon Arnold

Avaya’s recent news has overshadowed everything else in the market, but Cisco and Microsoft are very good at staying in the limelight. As it turned out, last week both companies had collaboration updates, and I happened to get briefings on both.

Cisco Spark Board: Excellent Packaging, No Wires, A Few Strings, by UCStrategies’ Marty Parker

The Cisco Spark Launch event in San Francisco and online on January 24 was a top-notch production. The day-long event went from the always-excellent stagecraft of Rowan Trollope to the great hands-on demonstrations spaces to the small group sessions with Cisco’s Spark leaders on both technical and business topics.

Cisco Sparks a Conversation Among the UCStrategies Experts, Industry Buzz Podcast

Industry Buzz Podcast – Cisco Spark Board is an all-in-one collaboration screen-sharing presentation tool, a digital whiteboard and a videoconferencing display. Several UCStrategies Experts were in attendance.

Spark Continues to Evolve, by UCStrategies’ Blair Pleasant

At its Spark Event in San Francisco, Cisco introduced the new Spark Board and Spark Meetings to revolutionize the way people meet. That’s a pretty tall order, but Cisco seems to have done a great job in simplifying and improving the meeting experience.