Podcast: Ribbon’s Unified Communications Market Survey uncovers surprising results and insightful trends

From Telecom Reseller:

John Macario, Vice President of Global Channel Marketing, reviews the result of the extensive survey with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a Telecom Reseller publication. The survey was conducted with decision makers of voice, data and cloud services for companies from 5-10 employees up to thousands of employees totaling 4800 companies in 23 countries.

Subjects covered in the survey include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Whose voice services are they using today
  • Use of Video Conferencing
  • How is IP Managed
  • Have you transitioned your phone systems from a legacy system to IP?

Ultimately, the survey provided information on IP adopters who, what, when, why and for non-IP adopters – learned their level of understanding about IP or possible misconceptions.  What would non-IP adopters look for when they make the switch? What do they look for in a service provider?

Fifty percent of North American companies with more than 100 employees identify as early adopters with another 20% identified as fast followers. Companies with 20 employees identify as early adopters with the remaining identifying as early mainstream. Companies with 21 to 100 employees had an IT person on staff 51% of the time.

The information reveals some counterintuitive facts as well as a great deal of information that will enable vendors and resellers to tweak their marketing material to better target their prospective customers.