Masergy Adds Endpoint Detection and Response to its Integrated Managed Security Solution

Masergy announced its Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) service. MEDR enables companies to move beyond prevention-focused endpoint security solutions that all too often fail to catch malware from installing on endpoint devices.

Although new EDR solutions are extremely valuable tools, they have a reputation for being costly and difficult to use, especially for organizations with limited cyber security expertise and resources. Masergy’s new service helps companies overcome these challenges by integrating leading-edge EDR technology into its Unified Enterprise Security Managed Detection and Response platform, offering these capabilities to customers in an affordable, consumption-based pricing model.

With Masergy’s unique implementation of MEDR, network behavioral alerts are automatically populated with endpoint security data. This provides rich security context via a single “pane-of-glass.” Masergy’s expert security analysts working in its 24/7 global Security Operations Center (SOC) can rapidly assess suspicious endpoint activity patterns on customer networks and initiate the appropriate response actions.

These network traffic patterns can be an indicator that a sophisticated attacker is trying to establish an endpoint “beachhead” from which to attack more valuable assets, such as databases and servers.