CPaaS 2.0 and The Next Generation

By Phil Edholm

The topic of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has become very hot recently. At the recent BC Summit, I discussed how CPaaS relates to UC and introduce
d the concept of CPaaS 2.0. The discussion focused on how the integration of communications into business processes is changing today and in the future. The presentation and discussion was very well received at the event and I have been asked to share the concepts here on the UCStrategies site.

The first point of the discussion was that CPaaS is not UC. To better understand, UC can be characterized as integrating the range of communications modalities (voice, video, text, sharing) into the personal business process of collaborators in the enterprise. In the structure of Knowledge, Information and Service Workers (read a white paper here about how UC services apply to these groups), UC is primarily focused on the knowledge workers, while CPaaS impacts the information and knowledge workers. However, CPaaS can also impact customers and partners outside the organization.