Simplify Your Path to Multicloud

By Bikash Koley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Networks

As our industry speeds towards a multicloud future, I feel like I have a somewhat unique perspective having spent a good part of my career on the user side architecting, building, and operating large-scale cloud infrastructure at Google. It’s one thing to deliver products that help solve problems, but it’s another thing to be the one responsible for actually solving the problems.

If I had to reduce everything I have learned from being a customer to a single point, it’s this: wake up every day with the primary objective of making things simpler.

The future belongs to the fast. 

In our industry speed is a matter of survival. When you consider how fast competition is changing, how fast technology is changing, how fast consumption is changing – clinging to TCO as a security umbrella is a losing proposition.

Agility shows up in different ways depending on the business. If you’re in an industry that is witnessing disruptions in business models every day, being fast is a matter of getting new products and services to market. The payment industry, for example, has seen a marked increase in velocity as company’s flock to the space using technology as a lever to drive improved loyalty programs, anywhere banking, and simplified transaction handling.

It could be that agility is related to security. You need to be able to quickly react to the latest vulnerability or malware outbreak, and that requires having the tools and processes to move fast when you need to.

Or maybe it’s agility in a more general sense, and all you really want to do is take advantage of the latest technology. Consider that every year for the last seven years, networking has introduced a new paradigm-shifting breakthrough: white box, SDN, NFV, overlays, DevOps, and now intent-based networking.

Whatever the driver, it’s clear that being fast matters.

Engineering. Simplicity.

These two words, more than any other reason, are why I came to Juniper Networks. To make things simple, you can’t just dumb them down. We recognize that you don’t make things complex for complexity’s sake. The organizations are actually complex. So, simply declaring that things should be simple and ignoring the realities of a business is a non-starter. The path to simple runs through complexity. You have to address the complexity and that requires real engineering strength. You get to simplicity only through superior engineering…

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